How To Become A Member

Membership Qualifications

  • Every medical practioner holding a diploma or degree in Paediatrics and Child health from a recognized institution, residing in Uganda is eligible for membership as an ordinary member of the association.
  • Visiting Paediatricians can be considered as associate members if they apply and have their applications approved by the council.
  • Post graduate students in Paediatrics will be considered for junior membership on application and approval by the council.
  • Any other health worker not listed in the above categories can apply for associate membership.
  • Membership fees are paid once in a lifetime on admission to the Association.

Membership Fees

The current membership fees are:

  1. Ugx 200,000/= for ordinary members
  2. Ugx 100,000/= for associate members
  3. Ugx 50,000/= for Junior members


Every member shall pay annual subscription fees to the Honorable Treasurer of the Association. The dues are paid between January and August of the calendar year.
The current subscription fees are as follows:

  1. Ugx 50,000/= for ordinary members
  2. Ugx 50,000/= for associate members